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Finally discover a “real system” of how to be a successful “intelligent career manger” who REFUSES to settle. It can change your work life forever (and why, when you follow the instructions, it will work for you - Guaranteed!)

If you are like many job hunters enduring the frustrations of looking for a new position or are searching for a career change…

  • You want to pursue the best course of action for your best career choice
  • You need the right advice, guidance, and planning to empower your career change as quickly as possible

The key principles shared on this page have been taught by some of the world's leading authorities on career transitions.  As a certified career coach...

I have used these same principles to help many, many people, including myself, get clear on the right career direction....

And I have supported their career aspirations and transitions to new positions and more importantly to better lives.

Your turn has finally arrived...

Here are Five Key Principles and Tactics to

Identify & Land Your Perfect Job

Are you sick and tired of a frustrating job search that drags on with poor results and no end in sight?             You feel like you will never get an interview or a job offer?!

I have felt the same way and I'm sure many others have as well.

You are not alone as the following principles and strategies will demonstrate.

  You Don't Have To Worry Any Longer
Introducing "The Intelligent Career Manager"


The First Principle: Stop Struggling and Be Inspired

Too Many people are "pushing" themselves to be successful at work and in their careers.

"Pushing" works well for some people... usually for some period of time but doesn’t have consistency built into it.

Inevitably we run into a significant obstacle at work - or a bunch of small ones - it usually takes a lot of "pushing" to move past them.

That will become exhausting... particularly, if we are not in the right career.

That's why it’s a recipe for frustration to “push” ourselves at a job.

Clearly it has to be easier... and better...  if we feel drawn smoothly to our accomplishment and success?

There are many natural attractions in your life - things that genuinely inspire you, propel you, increase your energy, and empower you to be the best you can be.

Choosing work that lines up with these inherent gifts in your life... like your personal interests... and you'll create a "welcome open arm effect" that pulls you forward effortlessly attracting what is required for your success.


You'll have more energy at work and for home. You'll be dramatically more imaginative.


You'll feel satisfied.  And your life will be much more flourishing, profitable, and successful.


Principle 2: Take Action With Your Personal Strengths & Aptitude 


As a career advisor and coach I've watched and counseled many talented individuals fall into the trap of worrying about their 'faults' and lack of 'essential' experience.

Damage control can prevent failure.  But overemphasizing our faults increases self-doubt, drains our energy and kills self-confidence.

You don't want to ignore your weaknesses during your career search instead focus your attention on what will net you the best return on your time and energy...


Identify your most excellent skills, natural abilities, and individual strengths... and identify career opportunities that will use them frequently.


The benefits of using this strategy are considerable.  You will...

  • Experience a spectacular boost in your self-assurance
  • Conduct your job search much more sharply and more efficiently
  • Do your best effortlessly time and again during job interviews.


Use this strategy to identify your ideal work, optimize your job search, and take full advantage of your potential to feel fulfilled and enjoy your new job!



Principle 3: No More Barriers Strategy


There’s a distinct possibility there will be a number of speed bumps on the road to transitioning to the job that fits you perfectly... especially during troubled economic times.

Some of the barriers might be external - such as a shifting job market and economy.  Other barriers might be internal, such as self-doubt about getting the job you really want.

Don’t be like some who try to close their eyes to, deny or avoid the internal and external obstacles in their path to career success. That approach just doesn't work.


At some point these barriers show up and we get upset or stalled... and we give up and surrender.


To get your ideal job quicker and with less fight...


Recognize the barriers to identifying and landing the job or career you really want ... and develop effective strategies to go through them.


But here's a critical word of advice and valuable tip....

As a career advisor and career counselor, I've watched many people develop strategies that deal with their true obstacle... they don’t deal with the "obvious" obstacle instead they deal with the real obstacle which increases their ability to succeed.


Principle 4: Acquire the Ideal Job


Without the right action plan... people float around without direction and without a compass or GPS to guide them... never reaching their desired destination...a rewarding career.

A smart "Job Search Action Plan" guides you step-by-step to get from where you are to where you want to be... faster and easier.

As an advisor and coach whose system has helped many career changers land their desired and ideal position, I recommend that you use multiple job search strategies to create the most opportunity.

For each option, think about...


  • Does it use your individual strengths and abilities so you can make easier and faster progress?
  • What barriers are you likely to run into and what approaches can you use to eliminate them?
  • What acceptable risks will you need to take - and how do you reduce them?
  • What ideas, tools, direction and assistance will you need to succeed?

Be thorough here - many people fail to transition to the career they really want because they don't do the right homework and research, if any, or use the right career management strategies. 


 Principle 5: Surefire Way to Discover Your Ideal Job Now


Another thing I've learned as a career coach and advisor, as well as during twenty years of the study of achievement, and from personal trial and error is that...

If all it took to achieve the results we want was knowledge of the principles of successful career transitions...

Then many more people would have their ideal job already.

As a career coach and counselor whose system has supported the career changes of professionals, managers and executives, I believe it is vital to...



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If you can imagine how this type of program would help you get clear, focused, and accelerate your goal of finding your ideal job faster and easier...

I created the Intelligent Career Manager series for people like you who want a better understanding of
the career transition and career management process,
control of when and how they pursue their career goals,
and most importantly
the best results their experience and training demands.


I created an unique career coaching and advisory program to give you the expert assistance and guidance you need to discover and get your ideal job... faster and with less struggle.

The Reason I call it “The Intelligent Career Manager” is because it allows you to eliminate the fear, and sometimes depression, that hits you when you are in between jobs, or want to leave the one you are in, without any idea how to put a real plan together.

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